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The Budweiser Budvar brewery, national enterprise, was already established in 1895. At present, it belongs among the most successful food companies in the Czech Republic. In 2013 it produced 1,424,000 hectolitres of beer. The most important and most famous beer from the offer of Budweiser Budvar is the light lager under the Budweiser Budvar brand, which is exported to more than 65 countries all over the world. Budweiser Budvar is a major Czech exporter and accounts for 20% of Czech beer export.

 Budweiser Budvar


The secret of the success of Budweiser Budvar lager lies mainly in using the finest quality ingredients – selected Moravian malt, Saaz hops and virgin pure water from artesian wells, pumped from a depth of 300 metres. In the production of Budweiser Budvar, the traditional period of aging beer, or “lying”, is strictly followed. Lying in the cellar lasts 90 days, during which the taste of Budweiser Budvar lager gains its overall balance, fullness, smoother bitterness and harmony. Production is carried out under the supervision of experienced brewmasters, who apply the experience of several generations of Budějovice’s brewers. The result of their work is the original and unique taste of premium lager, which can not be made anywhere else than in České Budějovice.

Budweiser Budvar


Budweiser Budvar also offers excursions to its productions premises with commentary of professional guides. The tours include tasting of unpasteurized and unfiltered beers straight from the tank. The opportunity to learn about the entire production process of the world-famous beer is used every year by tens of thousands of people from home and abroad.


in 200f, the modernmultimedia exhibition “Story of Budweiser Beer” was opened, which presents the history of brewing in České Budějovice in a comprehensible and entertaining way. The history of the city and the brewery comes alive on large plasma screens and three-dimensional projections. In the cage of the mining lift, visitors virtually get to a depth of 300 metres below the earth’s surface, where the source of high quality water is found that Budweiser Budvar uses in the production of its beer. Visitors can feel the atmosphere of the city’s founding, take a look at life in a medieval brewing house, experience the entire history of Budweiser Budvar and learn about the background of disputes over the trademark.

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Budvar Beerhouse

Experiences gained in touring the brewery deserve a stylish finish in the adjacent Budvar beerhouse. The restaurant offers traditional Czech specialties as well as selected international delights. A dewy glass of delicious beer inherently belongs with a good meal. Guests can enjoy both classic lager, as well as a real delicacy beer – krausened lager with the addition of live yeast. Dark, special or non-alcoholic beer lovers will also be satisfied.


Masné krámy Restaurant

This year, České Budějovice’s Masné krámy Restaurant will celebrate two significant anniversaries. On 13 February, 650 years have passed since Emperor Charles IV ordered the demolition of the original meat markets on today’s Přemysl Otakar II Square and moved to Krajinska Street to where it stands today. The Masné krámy Restaurant was then opened to the public on 1 October 1954, thus almost 60 years ago. The restaurant has always tapped beer exclusively from the Budweiser Budvar brewery.


As the only restaurant in the world, Masné krámy offers Budweiser Budvar krausened lager from the tank. Thanks to the presence of live yeast krausened lager from the tank has better sensory properties than traditional lager on tap (greater fullness greater zest, and firmer foam etc.). Masné krámy offers guests a wide selection of hot and cold dishes. The basis is meat in all forms. The most popular specialties of Masné krámy are the brewery goulash, grilled ribs and roasted knee. Traditional Czech cuisine is complemented by numerous original recipes, vegetarian dishes and salads. The menu is complemented by regular gastronomic events.